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 on: Today at 09:37:55 AM 
Started by Alan2 - Last post by Polly Oxford (Andie)
Judy Collins is doing a show near here in January. Chelsea Morning has always been special, but I've no idea what she's like now, or if her voice is holding up at all... should i go for nostalgic reasons or better to save the memory?

 on: Today at 09:13:15 AM 
Started by davidmjs - Last post by Chris
Thanks for that - off to Cambridge....

 on: Today at 06:32:42 AM 
Started by davidmjs - Last post by davidmjs
Just in case anybody who's interested wasn't aware, the tickets have already been on sale for a couple of days via this presale:

 on: Yesterday at 09:21:00 PM 
Started by Phil Perry - Last post by RobertD
Interesting question to which I would personally answer no to all. I don't think Fairport were ever lacking in ideas musically. What they never had was the promotion. Or what little they had possibly steered them towards areas they were not comfortable with (ie, Rising For The Moon with Glyn Johns). I think also with the number of sessions members did individually or collectively over the years, they were exposed to the professionalism you mention long before Peggy joined. Financially I'm sure it was never easy for them and why as Swarb said they literally did a gig for a washing machine once. But...I think they sorted it out. I don't think any member of Fairport ever had the luxury of sitting between albums and tours waiting for the next thing to pop up. They went and did things- solo tours and albums, studio sessions for ex members and for other established artists which surely made for a living, if not a profitable one. Keep in mind someone like Gerry, long before he joined Fairport was the regular drummer for Cat Stevens at the height of his popularity. Finally, as to the 'divorce', I'm not so up to speed on all of Tull matters it but my impression was Peggy definitely left amicably. I think DM was just available at that time so not a matter of any sort of animosity (didn't Gerry also do a Tull stint as drummer?). I'm unsure about Maart however.

 on: Yesterday at 09:06:36 PM 
Started by Jules Gray - Last post by Jules Gray
The man did what he needed to do.  Respect.


 on: Yesterday at 09:05:22 PM 
Started by Jules Gray - Last post by John From Austin
Neil is happy again:

You may plan your summer accordingly.

 on: Yesterday at 07:47:28 PM 
Started by Will S - Last post by Nick Reg
BWP definitely album of the year and one of the gigs of the year (along with several Merry Hell and Gerry Colvin). I have been a massive fan of Dan since the Grand Drive days , BWP are something special.

 on: Yesterday at 07:05:58 PM 
Started by Phil Perry - Last post by John From Austin
I have no insight other than the observation that the "opening act" on the recent Ian Anderson tour was a video of various folk and folk-rock groups performing live, which included a then-recent video of Fairport Convention featuring Matt Pegg on bass.  Regardless of anything else, it was nice to see that Ian was promoting the current version of FC on his most recent American tour.

 on: Yesterday at 06:44:18 PM 
Started by Phil Perry - Last post by Phil Perry
A lot of water has now passed under the bridge since this era, when Peggy, DM and Maart were members of Jethro Tull and even Ric guested with them so, as a fan of both bands, I'd be interested in your views. Did it benefit the Fairporters by giving them ideas and maybe even increased professionalism from the Tull experience ? Could it have threatened the very existence of FC by giving all of the musicians (except Simon !) a more profitable means of making a living ?  And, judging at least by the lack of Tull members at Cropredy, was the "divorce" an acrimonious one ?

 on: Yesterday at 05:47:26 PM 
Started by YaBB Master (Colin) - Last post by StephenB
When I saw the topic notification my heart sank and i thought,  "Oh no, they haven't gone and booked them again". Phew!
Enjoy the recording  🙂

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