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Title: Not Secure
Post by: YaBB Master (Colin) on June 17, 2019, 08:58:53 AM
Depending on your security settings on your browser you may well get the warning 'Not Secure', when accessing TAW and many other sites.

It's basically a warning that the site, or at least that page, is not certified as being safe and for example isn't really your online banking.

For the majority of web sites including TAW this isn't a problem, as you are not filling in any forms with sensitive information. It's just a warning to make you think about if the page is real.

Secure site addresses start with 'https' however still be wary, as I have seen scams that rent secure space. They get shut down quickly, but not soon enough to trap some people.
I can't say never click on a link in an email, but always assume it's a trap.