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Title: Roger Marriott RIP
Post by: Chris on February 18, 2019, 11:03:28 AM
It seems Roger died on Friday February 8.

FRoots tweeted Pete Heywood's facebook post of February 11

Iím sad to report that Roger Marriott died last Friday in hospital after a relatively short illness. His daughter Kate Marriott told me that ďHe had been admitted two weeks ago with a chest infection and possible flu which progressed to pneumonia. Sadly, he was unable to fight the infection and just grew weaker. The end was quite peaceful.Ē Funeral details are still to be confirmed but it may be on 26th February. Iíll try to keep people informed of the arrangements via this thread. Roger, together with his wife Beryl, were incredibly influential figures in the folk revival. Beryl died a few years ago. Roger had wide interests. Kate has informed family and close friends but doesnít have appropriate Social media contacts to get the information out to people involved in folk music, so please share this information among friends.

I reckon Roger, Beryl & Swarb are already creating music together again! RIP Roger, and thanks for all the memories & music.

Can someone on FB keep an eye on Pete's thread above & report on the funeral arrangements please.