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Title: Sound Production Course
Post by: Andrew S on September 05, 2015, 01:12:45 AM
Hi all
Been a little while since I last posted, and hope this is in the right section.
I've just started upon an HND Sound Production course up in Fife and as part of the course we are required to do studio based and location based recordings.
Now locally there are rock bands/heavy metal bands available but they are two a penny in the area and while not banned, they are not exactly the areas the course runners would like to see covered.
For myself I don't really have any real links to anyone or a group that is musical but I am hoping to try build up some form of network of people hopefully from within the Folk/singer-songwriter/classical areas that would help me progress with the course.

I guess at this stage I am really just hoping to reach out and hopefully be put in the direction to talk with people that could well be interested in this (since the recording session is a free one) as it would help me massively and hopefully for the other party, they gain from it too.

Any help on this would be much appreciated!